Identify yourself!

A new look for AIIC: distinct, professional, but definitely not square!

AIIC’s brand is a mark of professionalism and quality in conference interpreting.  The AIIC logo is an easily identifiable symbol of those qualities. Time has come to fully leverage the value of our brand.

After the 2018 AIIC Assembly in Valencia, the Advisory Board established a Brand & Visibility group tasked with refreshing and enhancing the visual identity of our brand and to make it conspicuous and perfectly recognizable in all markets: private, public, institutional, all over the world.

The AB Brand & Visibility group is now proud to announce a suite of new products that will help us refresh AIIC's visual identity.

An updated logo, distinctive design elements, and a series of branded products are now ready to turn heads wherever AIIC members are present. We know you can’t wait to make the AIIC brand a visible part of your professional personality.

Be visible. Be AIIC.

Rolling out new products that all members are entitled — and encouraged — to use:

  • the “Member of AIIC” logo for all professional correspondences, on our websites, and wherever else we promote our professional profile.
  • templates for “Member of AIIC” business cards, that are easy to use, professional and highly recognizable. Leave your mark of quality with stylish pride!
  • the AIIC membership card soon to be circulated to all members. It can be worn as a badge, so AIIC colleagues will stand out from the crowd at professional events.

These items will be made available through the Secretariat and the Regional Bureaux complete with a set of guidelines explaining all the details on format, color, fonts, and the contexts in which the AIIC logo may or may not be used.

In addition, the online CV builder, available to all members,  lets us enter our personal data to generate a professional, modern AIIC-branded CV – in a variety of languages. It’s time to show off our professional experience and AIIC credentials, and get noticed when it counts!

Brand makeover

The AB Brand & Visibility group consulted graphic designer Guido Rossi, who has worked with AIIC since 2013 when he designed the interactive installation for AIIC’s 60th Anniversary commemoration in Milan. Mr. Rossi has kindly shared with us part of the process behind AIIC's refreshed identity. 

The symbol reminds me of the interpreter's function: three moving spheres of which the one in the center connects the other two. It is an elegant and harmonious symbol that suggests worlds in motion: a plurality of elements ultimately forming a single sphere.

Interpreting means rigor matched with creativity, and AIIC members cut across all sectors and contexts, but always with personality, experience, human intuition. So I tried to portray this in AIIC’s visual communications: rigor with creativity. The graphic elements are all well organized and the new oblique cut conveys a sense of personality and vitality.”

And finally, a short message from your AIIC AB Brand & Visibility Group:

AIIC’s collective image is a valuable asset, but its members are its real strength: make use of these new products, wherever you go, wherever you work, whoever you introduce yourself to. A logo has a meaning only if those who own it are proud to wear it.

Be visible. Be AIIC

The AB Brand & Visibility Group are: 

  • Luisa Malentacchi (coordinator)
  • Odette Buyse-Nepper
  • Claudia Cereghino
  • Alicia Fernández
  • Rafaella Marchese 
  • Raquel Schaitza

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