Report from AIIC’s EU sector delegations, July 2014

At the assembly it organised on Tuesday 17 June last, in Brussels, the professional delegation at the EC reported on a number of subjects, with additional input from the Negotiating Delegation, and from the professional delegation at the EP.

1. Payment request

First up was the Automated Payment Request (APR) for non-local contracts. Intended as the mandatory replacement of the paper-based request from early 2014, its introduction was postponed after your delegations raised several questions regarding the conservation of paper-based supporting documents, the changed status of these documents once uploaded into the system, and some operating system issues. These questions highlighted differences in the institutions’ respective financial rules, and the introduction was delayed pending solutions being found. Such solutions seem to have been found and we are waiting for further details. Watch this space.

2. Mandatory sickness and accident insurance

The Negotiating Delegation reported on its input into SCIC’s design of the call to tender for the mandatory sickness and accident insurance policy. This is the policy providing cover for each contract day, for which the ACI’s contribution is automatically deducted at source. The tendering process is under way, with the new policy likely to take effect on 1/1/2015. The new policy will allow for additional voluntary cover for all non-contract days, as stipulated in article 16 of the Agreement. Meanwhile, the old policy has been extended.

3. Delegations’ communication with ACI

Keeping the mailing list for the sector updated in order to ensure it can reach all ACI is something the professional delegation at the EC has been working on for some time. Progress on this is bogged down, with SCIC remaining obdurate in rejecting our proposals.

4. SCIC’s very short term recruitment aka the Quick calendar

The delegation’s proposals on this have met with the same obduracy from SCIC.

The assembly was given a brief historical account of AIIC’s brokerage of successive Agreements with the Institutions.. Finally, a resolution was unanimously adopted, and will provide guidance for the delegations in the coming months.


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