Letter from the Editor: AIIC Assembly week

The assembly comes around only every third year. AIIC conference interpreter traveling to Brussels for the 2006 event will have many activities to choose from.

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The 2006 AIIC Assembly is just around the corner and members will have noted that information is starting to flow on the AIIC extranet. More than ever “Assembly Week” promises to be a concatenation of events encompassing the association’s broad range of activities, interests and diversity.

Brussels will be the host and a large turn-out is likely. Belgium is one of 4 AIIC regions boasting at least 10% of membership (now over 2700 conference interpreters spanning 91 countries), with neighboring Germany the most recent to attain that status. And there will be something for everyone.

Starting at both ends of the extended week, training seminars are planned for the days just before and after the Assembly proper. AIIC’s first series of Training of Trainers seminars will be brought to a close with “Interpreter training: traditions, beliefs, methods and theories – what is really useful, and why?” with Daniel Gile, just up the track in Antwerp on 7-8 January 2006. And in the same city on the 15th and 16th, a new advanced cycle will kick off with Barbara Moser-Mercer’s course on an expertise-based approach to training and integrated assessment. Anyone interested would be well advised to click on the hyperlinks now – deadlines for applications are fast approaching.

Several years ago AIIC started emphasizing specific three-year projects to coincide with the time of a Council mandate from one assembly to the next. An assembly is the logical venue to get information on such major projects and for their teams to come together. VEGA - a world-wide network of AIIC interpreters dedicated to helping budding and junior interpreters pursue their fledgling career - will lead off on 9 January at the main assembly venue. Teranga, which was originally called the New Multilingualism Project, will follow on the evening of the 10th.

Two information sessions will be held on the afternoon of 11 January to review La Relève and to hear from the Definition and Recognition of the Profession team.

The Private Market Sector will hold it’s semi-annual meeting on the 10th and 11th. Discussion will touch on the AIIC statistical survey, the new online directory of consultant interpreters and activities for the next triennium, among other matters.

The opening session of the Assembly on the afternoon of the 11th will feature a screening of “The Whisperers.” Debate, elections and the rest of our usual business will take over on the following morning. To prepare for that members now have access to a special Assembly module on the AIIC extranet which allows them to view and comment on proposals and resolutions. And as our January meeting is around the corner, it is already possible to pre-register online.

We’ve also included a new blogging feature where I'll be reporting daily on events in and around the Assembly. That should mean that even members who can't make it to Brussels will be able to get timely information and impressions of what is going on in the temporary capital of AIIC.

This Issue

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Following up on his Those Blasted Retirees, Sergio Viaggio offers us his views on why staff interpreters should join AIIC. We enjoyed the discussion sparked by his previous effort and hope it continues here.

It is not unusual for AIIC members to do volunteer work for a cause they favor. And it seems fitting that a language professional should choose to help give a voice to those who often are not effectively heard. Silke Gebhard shows us how we can put our skills to a different use in Words for the Wordless.

Back in 2002 some members of AIIC looked ahead and wondered about the future of staff interpreters in international organisations. The result was a project called La Relève - The Next Generation whose aim was to examine currents trends and draw conclusions on language and training needs to assure renewal.

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The assembly in January will mean that we’ll be coming back a bit later than usual in the New Year, but once we do, we’ll be bringing you the latest on events in Brussels. And remember – if you are already a member, you’ll be able to follow those events on our live extranet blog.

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