Interpreters - the drawings

A book of 50 humourous drawing of interpreters by Clic! goes on sale with all proceeds to go to the AIIC Solidarity Fund.

Click to enlargeBy Clic!

I’ve always liked to take note of a funny situation – both for memory’s sake and to be able to share it with others. It often happens that words just can’t capture the moment, and that’s when the sketch book comes out. As all interpreters know, the booth is a special observation post. The idea of sketching in the booth may seem unprofessional at first, but I find it to be a creative outlet on days when I am repeating what others say (as well as I can and with all the artistry of an interpreter that I can muster). Six years ago I illustrated an advice book for speakers published in Germany under the title “Leave a Trail When Speaking.” I managed to convince the publishers to include a chapter on interpreters, in which AIIC was mentioned.

Last November Berlin was the site of a 50th Anniversary party for AIIC, and a small exhibition of 24 of my drawings – not of speakers this time, but of interpreters - was organised as part of the event. Many colleagues asked me for copies, making me think that I might be able to do something truly useful with the sketches. And that is how I came up with the idea of compiling a collection of 50 drawing and putting it on sale with all proceeds to go to the AIIC Solidarity Fund.

I would like to thank the AIIC Council for its generosity in co-financing the initial cost of the book, thus making its own contribution to the fund. Follow their lead. Text and captions will appear in French, English and German.

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AIIC Solidarity Fund

The AIIC Solidarity Fund was created to provide assistance to members who find themselves in need. Applications for aid are most often the result of an illness, an accident or some other unexpected set-back. Recipients are granted an interest-free loan and make a commitment to repay the principal once back on their feet. In fact, it is only through such restocking that this rotating fund can be maintained and made available to other colleagues.

The fund is managed by an administrator who is appointed by and reports to the AIIC Council. Financing is through donations and the account can be replenished upon a proposal by the administrator whenever the balance reaches a minimum level set by Council.

All donations, even small ones, are welcome. Initiatives such as the current one by Benoît Cliquet are deeply appreciated and are an example that we hope others will follow.

Clic! is also known as Benoît Cliquet. His collection of sketches should be ready by the end of November 2004 with a projected price of 17 € + shipping. For further information and/or last minute details please contact Benoît Cliquet.

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