Protecting Interpreters in Conflict Areas

Please sign this AIIC petition urging the UN to protect translators and interpreters.

Wherever people need to communicate across languages and cultures you will find interpreters helping them to understand each other – also in times of conflict.

A vast number of interpreters and translators risk persecution as retaliation for facilitating contact between cultures – interpreting for journalists, aid workers, tribunals and the armed forces.

The situation of an Afghan interpreter known as Khushal seeking refuge in the UK after receiving death threats from the Taliban was recently brought to the attention of the UK public by former British army officer George Tyldesley with a petition and a crowdfunding campaign.

AIIC is working to improve the conditions of interpreters working in conflict in close cooperation with organisations such as RED T* and FIT (International Federation of Translators). Together we have launched a petition to urge the UN to protect interpreters and translators with a UN Resolution. Unlike journalists, for example, linguists are not covered by the Geneva Conventions making them especially vulnerable in the context of conflict, repression and crime fighting.

Please follow the link below to see the full text of the petition and add your name to the thousands calling for protection for our fellow interpreters and translators worldwide

Please click here to read and sign the petition.

*Red T is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to the protection of translators and interpreters in conflict zones and other adversarial settings. For further information visit the Red T website.

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