AIIC Training Asia - Upgrade of skills: consecutive interpreting with English as B language

05 Jan 19 — 06 Jan 19

09:00 — 18:00

Bangkok, Thailand

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Thammasat University

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AIIC Trainers in Asia-Pacific


Registration: Ms. Hong Jiang

Local information: Ms. Sasee Chanprapun


A two-day consecutive interpreting workshop for interpreters with English as a B language seeking to upgrade their skills in consecutive interpreting. Training will be oriented towards those have not received formal coaching in consecutive skills. Starting with basic principles and practices, the workshop will aim to build professional proficiency in consecutive interpreting, moving towards intermediate and advanced speech materials. The workshop will propose models of practice for trainees to replicate on their own.


The first day will introduce the basic skill components of consecutive interpreting. Students will be expected to understand the process and engage in the exercises. There will be listening exercises without note-taking, followed by introduction to note-taking and interpretation exercises with brief speeches. The aim of the second day is to enhance proficiency in interpreting longer speeches (4 - 5 minutes) with more advanced levels of content.  Techniques and strategies for dealing with specific difficulties will be covered, including work on voice, tone and register.


James Jennings is a conference interpreter who worked for over three decades within the United Nations family, including as senior interpreter at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal in Cambodia. He was a member of AIIC for fifteen years. For seven years, he taught interpretation skills at the ETI, as the Geneva University interpreting school was then known, and more recently for two years at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. He lives in Yangon, Myanmar.


  • Class size: 16 – 26 places


  • AIIC members - 200 euros
  • Non-AIIC registrants - 220 euros

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